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'Incarcerated by the Wall of Lyon, and laid bare to the scrutinizing watch of The Guard, inhuman twin brother and sister are forced to face the inescapable. For what lies beyond the Walls; turns man against himself.'

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Audition Entries Closed

Thankyou to everyone who made the effort to attend our auditions on the 26th it was a genuine pleasure to meet every one of you. The level of performance was extraordinary.

The open call has now closed. We will not be accepting any new submissions.

If we are already in discussion with you please send an outstanding material to us by Wednesday 30/09/2015. Any material sent after this will not be considered.

Crowd Funding Success!

We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks and welcome to everyone that supported, donated or pledged during our successful Kickstarter campaign. We can't wait to share more of our amazing world with all of you.

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