About The Wall Of Lyon

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Set in an alternative world ‘The Wall of Lyon’ is a dark fantasy considering belief, reality and the fantastical through the lives our central characters; Cassini and Fenri whom have been secluded within the small village of Eldon, thrown out and cast aside as outsiders for the myth that shrouds them. A belief has long been held among the ancient community of Eldon, a belief of a mythical, dangerous species named ‘The Fallen’ roam what is beyond The Walls of Lyon. Having been subjected to these beliefs for many generations with no restraint they have finally latched this belief onto to a pair of orphans; our mains characters, twin brother and sister Cassini and Fenri.

When disturbances begin to plague Cassini, tension ramps up as all those live behind The Walls are force to face their greatest fears.

A part of Ashleigh Harley’s four part series, ‘The Wall of Lyon’ saga spans from a larger cycle of work, having been seven years in development there is much more to come for all lovers of fantasy and science-fiction!


Synopsis of the film – The Wall of Lyon

In The Wall of Lyon, the audience visually explores the descension of survival and life through its central characters; Cassini and Fenri, twin brother and sister caught among a world that hates them.

The Wall of Lyon considers both fantasy and brutal reality; forcing its audience to choose between the two as it all unfolds upon the continent of Lyon.
The main character, Cassini; who believes herself to be an exiled half-human having descended from a mythical species named “The Fallen” has been rejected by all those around her. Outcast and alone, she increasingly loses her ability to control the episodic black outs, voices and visual disturbances that haunt her; she steadily falls into torment and oblivion.

Feared by many and abhorred by more she is caught asunder in afflictions that are not hers. With but one to defend her and backs turned, reality soon alters.

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