“Cassini is very much a victim of her own mind, of all those within the story she is the one most plagued by her own thoughts. Demonized by those around her and outlandish in her behaviour she has extracted herself from much of what she knows; leaving a shell of who she once was. Reflective and stubborn she is simultaneously both strong and weak as she wrangles with the descension of her own mind. Damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t she is set on finding The Fallen; believing the legend that she is indeed descended from the mythical species that have haunted her youth. Most think her mad yet proof of her claim is clouded, as there is more to her belief than meets the eye.”

Cassini Cocept Art

Name: Cassini – Last name unknown as she never knew her father and her mother died during her childhood leaving her and her brother orphans. She has no consistent nickname, though her brother has taken to calling her ‘Cas, of which she resents.

Hair & Eye Colour:– Her hair is pure white and her eyes are red.

Age: -They do not measure time in the civilizations inhabiting Lyon, nor do the years pass at the same rate as they do here on Earth. Considering this however the people live the same life spans as humans from Earth and Cassini is aged around 19-24.

Where is she from: – She’s lived in Lyon all her life and has never had opportunity to venture further, though has tried many times to find the Walls; all of which have failed or have been intercepted. She was born in the village of Eldon besides her twin brother Fenri, she grew up there and lived among the villagers until her adolescence. It’s important to note she explored far more than Fenri, and has visited the other villagers; something he has not.

Character Traits

Cassini has become so unstable within herself and character traits that she no longer shows empathy and at times is incapable of showing any form of emotion what so ever. Contrary to her true self, she is very unfeeling and is completely consumed within herself.

She primarily relies on her memory in all situations, despite the fact she suffers from severe memory loss and often amnesia. She often finds herself in places and situations with no recollection to the previous events, it leaves her distressed. These episodes are becoming more frequent and leave a “black space” in her memory. There is no pattern to their appearance.

Belief is a firm element within Cassini’s personality, once she conceives an idea she will stubbornly defend it. Sometimes without reason and against all logic. She is able to find logic and a way of thinking around every argument presented to her, once her mind is made it is made. It is made.

She is exceedingly introverted and anti-social, requiring an inordinate amount of time alone. She avoids interaction with others as mechanism to achieve this. If she cannot have her required space she will lash out at those around her. Typically she is irritated by others and finds their presence as a drain.

Cassini is deeply unhappy with her current situation and with every aspect of life, she is a pessimist but born out of being a broken optimist. Her lack of satisfaction comes across in a very strong and almost brutal way, blaming the world around her and others for what is circumstantial; she is quick to judge and blame.

Being sensitive she is easily hurt, though she masks this with silence, a cold exterior and a sharp tongue. There is chaos ensuing beneath the surface and in every aspect of her life, this can be seen in her every action as much of them are muddled and chaotic.

Due to these aspects of her personality she works best alone; and thus remains so.

Cassini has never known love, other than the love of her twin brother, Fenri. Thus in replacement she seeks respect from those around her. Outwardly she places no value on love, as she does not understand it. However it is important to understand that far within Cassini she craves love and acceptance far more than anything else; hence her desperation to find The Fallen and be accepted by them. That is essentially her motive behind her ambition.


Despite Cassini’s stubborn and unchanging ways she likes to keep her options open. She never likes to get too deep in to things else risk not being able to get out again. She will flat out refuse to commit herself to a cause unless it is herself.

From her silence Cassini has become a great listener as that is what she does more than anything, she has listened for many years. Thus occasionally when she does speak and is not responding with a sarcastic remark of sorts she can be extremely profound. It is not obvious on the surface, nor to Cassini herself, yet she considers many things to a great extent.

All her actions and decisions are determined by how she feels as opposed to a logical thought process. She will always follow her heart over her head despite coming across as cool and pragmatic. Every choice she has ever made has been one of the heart and often driven by impulse. She can be rash and overwhelmed by emotion which will enforce her decisions though she will do so with a straight face and little clue that she is experiencing such intensity. Though looking closely it is identifiable.

Cassini is largely vengeful creature. If she perceives someone has done her wrong nothing will stop her from ensuring she has inflicted pain upon them, be it emotional or physical; more often than not it will be physical. “An eye for an eye” is a term Cassini is fond of, but in relation to her personality her revenge is brutal. If someone causes her harm, she desires to see them harmed and miserable or in some form of physical pain. As “The Wall of Lyon” opens she expresses increasing amounts of physical aggression, something she has long suppressed. Despite her inability to plan long term she is very plotting, and her revenge tactics are concise; though usually short term. Being more intelligent than any of the villagers or the Guards she does not require a long distance plan.

In relation to that; her problem solving skills are exemplary.

She holds strong convictions on what she believes to be acceptable which are often very warped ideologies and tailored to suit her. She is judgmental and extremely un-trusting. She is never afraid to voice her opinion. Her mind is forceful and unwavering.

During the progression of “The Wall of Lyon” she experiences increasing doses of anger as the film becomes darker and she is consumed by her descension by either The Fallen or her own mind. Instead of resisting she actually enjoys it, as in some way she relishes in the sensation of her descent. She isn’t fighting it, she’s chasing it.

Cassini’s predicament can be seen from either one of two perspective; one being she is suffering the effects of delusions or two. She truly is a physical descendant of The Fallen species thus proving the entire legend true.

In the perspective that Cassini is suffering debilitating delusions; The Fallen’s appearance to her are a creation of her mind to escape the emotional turmoil she is experiencing and to create justification in her mind for her violent and aggressive actions. Her belief she is descended from such a species would be nothing more than a delusion of grandeur.

In the perspective that Cassini is indeed a descendant of The Fallen then all her actions are carried out from mere instinct derived from her ancestry and The Fallen’s control over her. Being the only character containing the equivalence of what we would call genetics of the multi-dimensional creatures (The Fallen) she is the only one capable of seeing them.

Both perspectives hold equal validity as in essence they are both right, it is down to you to choose which one you believe.



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