“Cassini is very much a victim of her own mind, of all those within the story she is the one most plagued by her own thoughts. Demonized by those around her and outlandish in her behaviour she has extracted herself from much of what she knows; leaving a shell of who she once was. Reflective and stubborn she is simultaneously both strong and weak as she wrangles with the descension of her own mind. Damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t she is set on finding The Fallen; believing the legend that she is indeed descended from the mythical species that have haunted her youth. Most think her mad yet proof of her claim is clouded, as there is more to her belief than meets the eye.”.


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To get to know our characters better, during the writing stages our writer and director Ashleigh Harley explored a set of questions from each of the characters perspectives. Here we consider the perspective of ‘The Wall of Lyon’s’ main character Cassini, and the back story that makes her the character she is today; click here to read ‘In The Mind Of Cassini’






Fenri Sketch


Of all the characters in the Wall of Lyon Fenri ultimately feels the deepest. He is burdened with pain and is often overlooked, he is rarely considered by those he cares for. Though cold and harsh when pushed too far. When those have taken liberties too far with him he never forgives. He can no longer look himself in the eye yet fiercely strives to make the best of what he is. Never one to give up he will not be broken.



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KC - Concept Art


“Strong willed and direct he knows no limits to the force of his will, Knight-Commander is a man of courage and honour; valuing those who abide by rule and order. With an elite heritage he values tradition, though in no way fears the new. He is a man of his word and once an agreement is made, it is made; it will be followed through no matter the obstacles at hand. Forthright yet considerate he makes a fine leader, believing a person’s worth is defined by how they defend their themselves, their beliefs and their people; thus he often values his enemies as he would a friend.”



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