“Of all the characters in the Wall of Lyon Fenri ultimately feels the deepest. He is burdened with pain and is often overlooked, he is rarely considered by those he cares for. Though cold and harsh when pushed too far. When those have taken liberties too far with him he never forgives. He can no longer look himself in the eye yet fiercely strives to make the best of what he is. Never one to give up he will not be broken.

 Fenri Sketch

Name: Fenri – Last name unknown as he never knew his father and mother died during his childhood leaving him and his sister orphans. He has no nickname. Though as children his sister would howl to get his attention, a joke between the two as he often likened himself to a wolf and pretended to be. (This is derived from Norse Mythology Fenrir, Loki’s son the wolf.)

Hair & Eye Colour: – He has black, neck length hair and blue eyes.

Age: – They do not measure time in the civilizations inhabiting Lyon, nor do the years pass at the same rate as they do here on Earth. Considering this however the people live the same life spans as humans from Earth and Fenri is aged around 19-24.

Where is he from: – He has lived in Lyon his entire life, he has never ventured further. He was born in the village of Eldon along with his twin sister Cassini, he grew up there and lived among the villagers until his adolescence.

Character Traits

Fenri has a gift for foresight and is an extremely instinctive character, though he does not possess any of the tendencies of his sister. He is extremely intuitive to the degree where it is exclusive to him and him only.

He has the strong sense of “knowing” information about people and situations long before they occur. He is able to use his insights to deal with complex issues. His skills in guiding others are exceptional as he enjoys resolving deep issues and helping others; however if unable to assist he will become overwhelmed with guilt due to his nature and will become consumed by the situation. He has learned to take a step back from most situations.

Primarily quiet and passive, Fenri values his privacy as is a complex individual but don’t be fooled; his opinions are as strong as he is. He often surprises those with his resilience and complete determination, he is a very savvy individual. Due to these aspects of his personality he requires much time alone, however he also needs to engage with others else will become lonely. He simultaneously wants to be alone and in company.

His considerations are often locked on the future, as much of his thoughts are related to it and the importance of his actions. It is suffice to say, there is little that he does that is not considered. Every thought is one thought of to a great extent.

Fenri has knack to see through people, thus he has a tendency to not get along with many people and is also is the only one able to see who Cassini really is.

He is very organised and takes great care over every activity he engages in. He bears some OCD tendencies when it comes to many aspects of life.

He greatly enjoys engaging his thoughts in the unfathomable, he has a very vivid imagination and a creative mind, something he applies to all areas of his life.

Many of his thoughts (and sometimes actions) are seemingly paradoxical and contradictory. Which allows him to take his specific understanding of any chosen subject to a new level; often his chosen subject relates to a cause. He is naturally very concerned with his sister, however often his behaviour can be contradictory towards her.


Fenri is extremely intelligent and is highly conceptual; thus is able to learn quickly and adapt to situations rapidly. His creativity and imagination is what he attributes to how well he has survived.

He has a deep understanding of fine details and his internal reasoning and thinking processes is extremely developed. He also has well developed problem solving, analysis skills that work in conjunction with his highly empathetic and ‘feeling’ nature.

Due to the inconsiderate behaviour Cassini has displayed towards him numerous times on her quest to find the Fallen he will occasionally go through a complete emotional shut down. This is caused by being subjected to far too much stress, traumatic events or being treated poorly by numerous individuals; this concoction will implore him to feel like his caring nature is only doing more harm than good thus he discards it and replaces it with a more analytical, colder demeanour thus he comes across far more aloof. This benefits him at the time, allowing him to consider the previous events and what went wrong to establish boundaries without extreme emotional pain. From the experience he is able to learn a gain maturity, however if unable to regain his compassion he can become rather unlikeable. He often experiences emotional pain rather suddenly and to his conscious understanding, without reason.

Due to all this, a damaged, emotionally unhealthy Fenri could be extremely meticulous, methodical, uncaring of others, rather dismissive of people’s feelings, condescending, intolerant, impatient, he will become extremely guarded, arrogant, potentially unorganised, will have an un-shakeable belief that he is always right, indecisive, un-reliable, critical, detached and even vengeful.

In relation to his sister he often feels abandoned and goes through this cycle as a result from her actions towards him. He experiences fleeting moments of being able to cope but is then contrasted with the intense pressure, pain and loneliness of nobody supporting him. In reaction he removes himself from the situation during times where he cannot cope. He re-establishes himself, finds a way to move forwards then finds a compromise to improve the situation.


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