“Strong willed and direct he knows no limits to the force of his will, Knight-Commander is a man of courage and honour; valuing those who abide by rule and order. With an elite heritage he values tradition, though in no way fears the new. He is a man of his word and once an agreement is made, it is made; it will be followed through no matter the obstacles at hand. Forthright yet considerate he makes a fine leader, believing a person’s worth is defined by how they defend their themselves, their beliefs and their people; thus he often values his enemies as he would a friend.”

KC - Concept Art

Name: More commonly referred to as Knight-Commander as he greatly prides his title, his given name is Si Allin-Crosby. Those close to him such as friends and immediate family will often refer to him as “Si” and sometimes “Allin” or even “Crosby” if he is on last name terms with the individual in question. Often acquaintances or those who consider him a rival will refer to him by one of his last names. Very few greet him with his first name, particular amongst the ranks of The Guard.  His name was contrived from a combination of Hebrew, Celtic and Norse.

Hair & Eye Colour: – He has medium length brown hair and blue eyes.

Age: They do not measure time in the civilizations inhabiting Lyon, nor do the years pass at the same rate as they do here on Earth. Considering this however the people live the same life spans as humans from Earth and with this in mind Knight-Commander would be aged around 43-48.

Where is he from: – Knight-Commander has lived in Lyon all his life, though being a part of the more affluent class system of Lyon’s society he has ventured through most parts of the continent. He was born and raised in The City of Quádal where most of his family resides, his partner and children live in his estate there.

Character Traits

Knight-Commanders family were present during the building of The Wall and were pledged to protect and guard, thus vowing the lives of all their progeny to their gods; thus the “Allin-Crosby” family has become a vital element of Lyon’s military. Knight-Commander knows of The Walls existence and is even aware of its location, though he denies this to the public. It is his duty to ensure the people of Lyon remain away from The Wall. He has never seen The Wall himself, but has descended from those who have. Knight-Commander belongs to an elite social class due to his heritage and his working position. It is well known amongst Lyon’s society (even the more remote areas) that Knight-Commanders family were chosen defends of many secrets that lie beyond The Wall, and The Wall itself, hence the Crosby family name. Knight-Commander being the primarily air to his crest protects important information in his Keep in Eldon and his personal home in The City of Quádal. He himself has never read the contents of the vast reams of information as they are all inscribed in an unknown language; it is believed to be the language of The Fallen.

Knight-Commander foremost character trait can be condensed down in to his ability to believe, as this forms the basis of his abilities to command in the authoritative, clear and precise manner he does. Being a man of tradition and having been raised amongst a family that follows the traditions of Lyon to an extreme degree he has become a believer and enforcer of tradition and religion to the degree where he is not a believer; it simply is a fact.

Adventurous, brave and curious this is counteracted by his pragmatic abilities and his incessant need to plan ahead. He is strictly organised when it comes to his work with the outlook that “If it can go wrong, it probably will go wrong”. Therefore he plans every eventuality.

He has a need to serve justice and bases almost his entire morality system on it, he cannot stand any form of unjust and will work passionately to right it.

Knight-Commander is far more inclined to trust fact than abstract ideas or opinion. Straightforward information holds more weight for him. He will always be direct and honest which can often be mistaken for bluntness which is very much not the case. He will give his honest un-subjective opinion, whether it is wanted or not.

Being loyal, patient and reliable he considers stability and security very important. When he says something, he’ll carry it through to completion. He will always keep his word.

Creating order is something he takes great pleasure in, he does not like chaos; believing it making situations unpredictable and unpredictable things can’t be trusted when they are needed most. This belief can be seen in much of his decision of both situational and of the people he chooses. With these aspects in mind he strives to create order and security in his environment by establishing rules, structures and clear roles. This makes him a clear, confident and capable leader.

He has a great air of self-confidence and authority that is both charming and calming. His standards are high, and he often uses the more charismatic side of his nature to spur people into work. Due to his high standards he can be extremely critical, years of experience have taught him to be more diplomatic. When stressed however it shows.

His temper is quick and unrelenting, pity the fool who made him angry or caused unjust.

It is his belief that anybody worth their weight will stand up for what they believe in. This somewhat describes his relationship and view of Cassini, as though he does not like Cassini; believing her to be insane, disruptive and oppositional. She stands up for what she believes in, and he admires that.




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